We are Sink or Swim Creative.

We believe in being diffrent...

Who we are.

There are countless companies that can build you a website, shoot pictures, do SEO, but can they truly show results. Almost all revert to running ad campaigns as they aren't creative.


If you projects look like crap, you might as well flush your money down the drain. This is why we have a team of highly talented designers that can provide with the look that will make you stand out.


Our strategy is ...lead don't follow. Its simple but effective.


If its web, we understand it.


Marketing is no longer about slow and steady...its about being so damn cool that everyone wants to be part of what you are doing!

How we work.

1 We drink a lot of coffee...

2 We don't really sleep...

3 We live by our motto... Sink or Swim. Our founder has over 2,000 hours of experience blowing bubbles... spent a lot of time on... and under the ocean's surface.